Loxahatchee River Heritage Day

1st Annual

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Join us in celebrating the rich history and natural beauty of the Loxahatchee River region at the scenic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum. This year, as we host the inaugural Loxahatchee River Heritage Day, we invite you to become a part of a journey through time. Our event is not just a celebration; it’s a platform to engage and educate the community about our shared heritage and the importance of preserving it.
Loxahatchee River Heritage Day Period Dress

Why Sponsor?

  • Visibility: Align your brand with a prestigious event that draws attention from history enthusiasts, local organizations, and media outlets.
  • Engagement: Connect directly with a diverse audience passionate about local history, cultural preservation, and community involvement.
  • Impact: Play a pivotal role in supporting historical education and awareness initiatives, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our heritage.
  • Community: Join hands with local organizations committed to preserving our cultural and historical legacy, showcasing your commitment to sustainable and community-centric initiatives.

The Event

Prepare for an unforgettable day at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum. Guests will immerse themselves in living history presentations, guided tours, and interactive demonstrations. Beyond the historical experiences, the event features opportunities to engage with local historians, authors, and representatives from various historical societies and museums.
Loxahatchee River Heritage Day WW II history
Loxahatchee River Heritage Day WW II personnel

Join Us

Become a cornerstone of our community’s newest historical celebration. Your sponsorship is more than just a financial contribution; it’s a commitment to enriching our community, preserving our past, and educating future generations. Partner with us to make Loxahatchee River Heritage Day a foundational event that fosters appreciation and understanding of our local history.
Together, let’s inspire action and protect the beauty of our natural world for generations to come. For more information on sponsorship packages and benefits, please fill out the form below.