Overview of the Brick Program

Important Update

Due to new regulations, the program concluded on June 5th, 2024. Although we can no longer accept new orders, we are proud to say that the existing bricks will continue to be a treasured part of our pathway. This decision ensures compliance with new guidelines, and the bricks laid over the years will remain a tribute to all who participated in the program.

Our Brick Program

For many years, the Lighthouse Legacy Bricks program provided a unique opportunity for individuals and families to become a part of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum’s legacy. Participants could place their family name, a personal message, or a remembrance on our well-traveled pathway. The program included two special categories: Lighthouse Legacy Bricks and Patriot Bricks.

Lighthouse Legacy Bricks

Participants could commemorate their family or loved ones with a personalized brick placed along our pathway. Those with family roots dating back to before 1945 were eligible for the Pioneer section at the beginning of the pathway.

Patriot Bricks

The Patriot Bricks were a special tribute to honor heroes of the US military. Participants could choose bricks with the insignia of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marines.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Bricks

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We invite you to visit the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum to see the legacy pathway and the many names and messages that have become a part of our history. Each brick tells a story and contributes to the rich heritage of our community.

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