Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour

8th Annual - Jupiter, FL

On the Horizon 2022
8th Annual Event!
Friday, April 8
& Saturday, April 9

It’s about to get Wild & Scenic!

Adventure & Environmental Films • Food/Drink • Special Guests • Door Prizes • Kid’s Activities+
6:00 pm Gates Opens, 7:30-9:30 pm Films

Our Past Event…
April 10, 2021

Join us as we host our wildly popular 7th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival-On Tour! This year’s Virtual Festival Experience brings adrenaline pumping, heart thumping, curated films right to your living room! They capture epic international outdoor adventures & research, kindle a love for nature and inspire environmental stewardship –through the art of film.

The 2021 theme, Resilient by Nature, is a reminder that, as individuals and communities, we are inherently resilient, drawing on our strengths, talents, and lived experiences to innovate and inspire positive change for a better world.


Watch with your family from any smart TV or smart device. Lobby time and chat begins at 6:30 pm and films begin at 7:00 pm. Tickets start at $20, purchase online beginning Mar 1, 2021. Ticket includes access to the online event with special guest hosts, chat room, event program, door prize entry and more! Enjoy take-out or delivery food options from our local restaurant partner.

2021 Film Showing


A Miami native, David Gauzens knows glitz—but he shuns it as part of a small, gritty band of kayak fishermen who forsake

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flashy boats for utilitarian pieces of plastic to pursue their passion. High seas, storms, even capsizing don’t deter David from paddling 6 miles out to sea for exhaustive encounters with prehistoric sport fish—and he learns in the process how little he needs to be content. Kjell Redal (Director), Josh Liberman (Underwater Director of Photography), Kjell Redal (Editor) -10 minutes


Biodynamic Agriculture: Farming in Service of Life

Biodynamic farming is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to agriculture, gardening, food, 

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and nutrition. Biodynamic farming is regenerative farming; going above and beyond organic farming to help heal the planet. In this film, a few voices of Biodynamics share their view of the beautiful harmonies that exist within nature and how following Biodynamic practices can heal the land, influence our food systems and, in turn, nourish our health. Ben Cowan & Taliesin Black-Brown (Directors/Producers/Editors), Mallory Cunningham (Co-Producer/Developer), John Buroker (Sound Designer), Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis (Composer) 5 minutes


Disappearing Penguins

A team of scientists travels to Elephant Island, a remote island off the Antarctic peninsula, to find out how its penguin

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population is faring. Penguins are not just charismatic animals. They are a keystone species in Antarctica and an important indicator of the health of the Antarctic ecosystem. The results from this research expedition made headlines around the world and contribute to the call for protection of Antarctica through large scale ocean sanctuaries. The film is narrated by Alison Sudol, actress, singer, and Antarctic ambassador for Greenpeace. Award Winner: 2021 Best Children’s Film Maarten van Rouveroy (Director/Cameraman/Editor), Alex Yallop (Producer) | 2020 -15 minutes


The Church Forests of Ethiopia

Over the past century, farming and the needs of a growing population have replaced nearly all of Ethiopia’s old-growth

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forests with agricultural fields. This film tells the story of the country’s Church Forests–pockets of lush biodiversity that are protected by hundreds of churches “scattered like emerald pearls across the brown sea of farm fields.” Award Winner: 2021 Best in Theme – “Resilient by Nature” Jeremy Seifert | 2019 -9 minutes

Pedal Through

In Pedal Through, you are invited into the world of director-lead Analise Cleopatra as she discovers the healing and joy 

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of mountain biking. Analise had never camped or ridden a bike off the pavement when she decided to plan a week-long mountain biking adventure with an all-black female team: her best friend and fellow newcomer to the sport, Day Toliver, and professional mountain biker Brooklyn Bell. Together, they traverse the Oregon backcountry on an adventure full of exploration, curiosity, waterfalls, old growth forest, sparkling starscapes, and deep healing. With raw authenticity, Analise shares all the intimate foibles, fear, fun, and beauty of discovering her place in the outdoors. The landscape opens to greet her as she learns to lean into uncertainty, accept support, and trust herself on this wild ride. Aly Nicklas (Producer/Director), Analise Cleopatra (Director) | 2020 -14 minutes


Matagi Malohi: Strong Winds

The Pacific Climate Warriors, born out of the low-lying Pacific Islands, are an indigenous and youth lead movement who now

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have been on the front lines of climate change for decades — their rally cry is “we are not drowning, we are fighting.” In their own words “Matagi M?lohi tells the story of our journey to uplift our people and shape a narrative that paints us not as victims of the climate crisis but as the leaders, the healers, the nurturers, the artists, the gardeners, the growers, the seafarers, and the navigators we are.” Forest Woodward, Canyon Woodward, Aidan Haley | 2020 – 3 minutes


Pathfinder: Life Beyond Fear

A tale about the human spirit, PATHFINDER – Life beyond fear, follows six world-class slackliners on a highlining 

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mission deep into the Norwegian mountains to attempt something that has never been seen before: Walking a thin line, elevated in the vastness between two colossal cliffs, illuminated only by the mystical northern lights. Dan Lior, Adam Rubin | 2020 -10 minutes



Wildfire is the end and beginning of a process that has been occurring for millennia. Immolation is a cinematic journey through 

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time that bears witness to this cycle as the land is scorched by flame, then begins the long period of regrowth and recovery. Filmed over the course of several years throughout numerous fire zones in California, this unique short film utilizes several special camera techniques to tell the story of this distinct process of destruction and rebirth. David Elkins | 2019 – 8 minutes

Water Flows Together

Through the voice of Colleen Cooley, one of the few female Diné (Navajo) river guides on the San Juan River,

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Water Flows Together elevates the importance of acknowledging Indigenous land in outdoor recreation. The film is a meditation on the challenges Colleen and her community have faced, the kinship she has with the San Juan River, and the unique opportunities her role as a river guide affords as she seeks to create positive change. Palmer Morse (Co-Director), Taylor Graham (Co-Director), Matt Mikkelsen (Co-Director), Colleen Cooley (Producer) | 2020 -11 minutes


From Kurils with Love

Vladimir, a scrappy but aging Russian marine mammal biologist, unexpectedly hitch hikes aboard a boat filled with adventure photographers

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out of a desperate need to return to his science monitoring stations. His boat, 2 weeks prior, was lost to the explosion of the Raikoke volcano. He is on a mission to help fulfill his quest to understand and protect the Kuril Islands before his age fails him, and so together the team sets out in one of the most remote and inaccessible volcanic island chains in the world to help Vladimir. Taylor Rees (Director/Producer), Povel Torudd (Producer), Renan Ozturk (Co-Director), Expedition Studios (Production Company) | 2020 – 24 minutes


Resilience Is In Our Nature

A snapshot of the Portland, Oregon community during the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter uprising, 

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Resilience Is In Our Nature captures resilience that can be found within us and around us. Whether it’s putting a mask on and enjoying outside, learning how to thrive and grow in quarantine, maintaining balance physically and mentally in nature, or a small business adapting and staying afloat – this film centers the fabric of what makes Oregon’s neighborhoods, cities, and state a special place to live. Brady Holden (Cinematographer/Director), Dez Ramirez (Writer/Director) | 2020 – 2 minutes


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